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Seems like they're making all these works of his into movies, or trying to... Stardust and Coraline (computer animation when she's in the real world and stop animation when she's in the "other" world) are coming out in 2007, he's directing Death: The High Cost of Living, and The Sandman, he says, "...has nothing to do with me. It's in development hell and may it rot there forever."

"I don't want to spend eight months of my life writing something only to have it immediately under the control and option of Jon Peters and co. who decide that Delirium's going to be...a hippie chick and she needs to get laid or whatever. I don't want to go there, don't want to do that. So DC [Comics] accepts that point of view. What I said is if they sort things out on their own I will go back and write some more Endless stuff."

And of course he wrote MirrorMask with Dave McKean.
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